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We stock a huge range of security equiptment. This allows us to cater for any of our clients specifications and also help to remain efficient and reliable in the services we offer.

Some of the products we offer are listed below.

  • CCTV Cameras
    • IR (Infrared Cameras) - Allows the camera to see in the dark also known as night vision.
    • M/F Multi-Functional Dome Cameras - These camera's are suitable for client's who require complete control over the selected camera to allow 360 degree views of the location through the use of a control stick with zoom functions.
    • Dome Camera's - Suitable for various tasks. Attractive, Sleak and hard to see, these cameras can be mounted anywhere and provide excellent viewing angles and resolutions.
    • Static Camera's - Mainly required for external buildings to view particular targeted areas. Also provide excellent viewing angles with various zoom lenses.
    • Anti-Vandalism Camera's - Made from highly durable materials to withstand heavy punishment ffrom perspective vandals. Suitable for locations known for this type of treatment.
    • All our cameras are made fom the highest quality materials and components including Sony chips. This makes our cameras one of the most reliable in the industry.
  • Access control
    • Complete Access control packages available including phone and video entry systems. Suitable for home or business Clients.
  • Alarms
    • Highly sensitive and responsive alarm systems also for home or business clients. Ideal solution combined with our CCTV and Access Control products for complete security at your premises.